summer dress

You need this Short Summer Dress from the Ameli Urban Style sale for only 19.99 dollars.

You can buy this basic Ameli Urban Style Summer Dress for just $ 19.99.

We don’t even have to convince you to buy it. When you see it, you will find that this summer dress is a must for you.

It’s been a few weeks since the seasonal sales started and many popular fashion brands have been dropping prices every day to keep us engaged. Ameli Urban Style does not want to be less and suggests that you buy from her collection with incredible discounts. Ameli Urban Style offers this real deal. The latest signing? A simple dress that costs $ 29.99 for only $ 19.99.

We are not joking. It is as real as the summer dress you will see in the store below.

summer dress

When she recovers from her initial surprise after learning the price for this dress in the Ameli Urban Style sale, we’ll give you a few facts: it’s short, elegant, and she’ll wear it countless times. All (and more) for just $19.99, is that the price is drastically reduced, 40% lower, making the original $29.99 an attractive value.

Now it’s easier to add the basics to our closet.


The price is clear, now we want to give you details about what the model Ameli Urban Style proposes is like and give you more reasons to buy it before it runs out. This is a super short polyester summer dress with a solid design, deep V neckline, 3/4 sleeves and neck details.

The slim fit is the secret. Whatever your figure, whatever size you choose, the dress will make you look more stylized and show off a super sexy figure. Sizes range from S to XXL. Another important point is the available colors: black, white, brown, beige, gray and green, colors that can be worn perfectly at any time of the year.

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What to wear under short summer dress?

The summer dress is too short, we bring you 4 simple solutions.

  • Add a few inches of matching fabric on the bottom of the garment, not necessarily the same color, you can use floral or plaid fabrics, or even other colors. You can also do this same thing on short skirts.
  • Wear another long skirt under the dress.
  • You can combine your outfit with leggings, jeans or pants.
  • Another excellent option is to wear opaque tights.

One last word: you have in front of you a wild dress, which adapts to all kinds of looks. For the rest of winter, replicate the look suggested by Ameli’s design team and wear it with tall black boots.
When spring arrives, replace high boots with ankle boots or even slippers, and in summer with sandals. This dress is an all-rounder.

And if you’re still not convinced, I’ll give you one more detail: Shipping is Free to the country where you are.
Run, tell everyone about it,

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