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Keep Calm and Drink Mate

Mate is an infusion that is prepared with the leaves of (Ilex paraguariensis), a native tree of the subtropical regions of South America.

Mate has been consumed for several centuries and has established itself throughout history as the preferred drink of millions of people in Argentina (the world’s leading producer and exporter), as well as in Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.

A very special preparation

To prepare a traditional mate, the ground leaves are placed in the container and hot water is added without boiling. The infusion is drunk through a thin tube called a “bulb” (also designed for this purpose) until the water runs out, and then it is refilled.

Mate has an herbal and slightly bitter flavor, which is why there are those who prefer to sweeten it with sugar or honey. It can be taken hot in winter or cold in summer; and you can even choose from a variety of flavored yerba mate that goes with the personality of each person.

A little bit of history: where does mate come from?

Although the discovery of yerba mate can be attributed to the Kaingang ethnic group about 3000 years BC; History recognizes the Guarani of the Paraná jungle as the parents of mate and the creators of its particular form of consumption. They used the herb for nutritional and therapeutic purposes, but also as a symbolic and spiritual element. With the arrival of the Spanish and the miscegenation, the consumption of mate spread to the entire territory of the colony. In this period, the Jesuit missionaries were the pioneers in cultivating and extending the consumption of mate. Read more about the history of yerba mate

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To this day, all attempts to grow mate outside of South America have been unsuccessful. Yerba mate remains an exclusive heritage and priceless treasure of these regions.

Why do people drink mate?

One of the main reasons why mate is taken is its stimulating and energizing action, the same thing that motivates people to drink coffee or tea in the morning (although with undeniable advantages over these drinks). The caffeine contained in mate stimulates the central nervous system and increases energy levels and concentration; ideal for vigorously coping with your daily routine.

But in addition to this, yerba mate infusion is considered one of the best and healthiest drinks in the world. Its great antioxidant power protects cells and favors all body processes. It is a source of vitamins, essential minerals and other nutrients that prevent oxidation and cell damage. Mate is also known to have valuable medicinal properties, improves the immune system and prevents cardiovascular diseases. And if that weren’t enough, yerba mate enhances cognitive functions, is an effective neuroprotector and has detoxifying, diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects.

In general, mate promotes a state of general well-being that improves the quality of life.

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Keep Calm and Drink Mate

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