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Men’s Shirts

Men’s shirts are for every man who cares. Striped, checked, plain, polka dot, casual or dress – there’s a shirt for every style and occasion. Take striped shirts, for example: they’re the go-to for big parties and the office, but they can also be worn in a more casual setting with chinos and sneakers. Pull out your wardrobe and pair your dressy or casual attire with one of these sophisticated, casual or cool shirts.

"Fashion is like art: it is born, grows, dies and is reborn. It is a universal concept that makes every person special" - Rocío Martín, fashion editor.

Men’s shirts for every moment and every occasion.

Our online range includes models in polyester, silk, cotton or mixed fabrics. The patterns can be simple, striped, checked or even new and current prints for the most daring. Of course, there are also long-sleeved shirts to pair with all kinds of winter clothes to get ahead in the colder seasons, or short-sleeved shirts to enjoy their functionality in the summer. We focus on classic styles and soft tonal patterns that give them a different and elegant character. For a more relaxed look, add pants, shoes and a sweater. If you’re looking for women’s t-shirts, check out our range of women’s t-shirts to find what you’re looking for.

Men’s t-shirt combinations

Men’s shirts are becoming more and more combinable thanks to the talents of top designers. More and more shirts are diversifying their range to create a suitable garment for every situation. This season, sobriety prevails and colors are rediscovered in their purest form, returning to their originality. A silk shirt with your favorite dress or a plaid shirt with jeans is always a recipe for success. When wearing a men’s shirt, always remember that it should be simple and coordinated with the rest of your outfit. Solid color shirts, for example, go great with ties. Printed shirts give the desired casual character.

How to wear men’s shirts

Men’s shirts must follow strict guidelines to meet the requirements of elegance. First, they must be proportionate to shoulder length and back width so that the collar can be closed. Therefore, if you are fat, do not wear clothes that are too tight, and if you are thin, avoid baggy clothes. Therefore, for thin people, wear tight and for heavy people, wear loose. Another point to consider is the length of the sleeves. The cuff of the shirt should be two fingers wide above the sleeve of the dress and just at wrist level. Long sleeves should not be worn so that the cuff is halfway up the arm. For formal events, cufflinks and an appropriate tie should be worn. Shirts should only be worn outdoors to give a sporty look. The color and fabric are of course entirely up to you.

Great selection of men’s shirts online

If you’re looking for the perfect men’s shirt, we’ve gathered the best styles for you at Ameli Urban Style. From the best cotton fabrics to the finest silks, from prints to solids, our online platform offers a wide range of brands. Now you can wear shirts that are fashionable on the best national and international fashion runways. So you will always be comfortable and fashionable. Perfectly tailored shirts for slim men and loose fitting fabrics for larger men, giving them the perfect look. Plus, with a wide range of colors, you can add versatility to your wardrobe for the best fashion choices.

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