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The contemporary Trilby fedora is a great hat for everyday wear. This classic hat can transform a casual chic or semi-formal look into an elegant and refined look. The Trilby is named after the heroine of George Du Maurier’s 1894 novel and is like a little brother to the standard Fedora hat. Like a felt Fedora hat, the Trilby also has a conical crown with a contracted brow, but the brim is shorter and more streamlined. So if you are looking for the perfect Trilby fedora, look no further, we provide what you need for your collection.

Trilby Hat

Our Trilby hats are made by the best designers in the industry. Sophisticated, charming and incredibly durable, you will need a larger space to store all the Trilby hats we sell. These narrow brimmed hats can enhance the look of the wearer. The Trilby has become a multi-functional hat that is worn all over the world. Match your wardrobe with a Trilby hat to add charm and style to your look. We have hats in different colors, designs and styles. At AmeliUrbanStyle.com, we can help you find the right hat size for you. Visit the hats section and find the best price for your next Trilby hat.

Best Trilby Hat

AmeliUrbanStyle.com offers top quality products at great prices. We offer trilby hats that can create the perfect look for any setting or event. Many of our wide brimmed hats are malleable and can be wrapped to make them more comfortable during travel. Our collection features dozens of products that will give you a bold and stylish look.

Class personified

When you wear a trilby hat, enhance your style, buy a trilby hat that goes with your personality. Before you say a word, you’ll have the attention you need. Whether you’re attending a work party, going shopping or simply enhancing your look, you can shop for the best hats at AmeliUrbanStyle.com.

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