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The handbag, an accessory for ever

Can you imagine our life without handbags? This accessory is a classic that has always been in movies, fashion, catwalks and haute couture for as long as we can remember. They have only been reinvented over the years, in fact, many big brands would be nothing without them.

We have had them in all kinds and shapes, but in Ameli Urban Style we have one thing very clear; it is a timeless accessory.

Therefore, we could not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to this accessory and all the part of fashion and universe that occupies providing our personality and vision.

Vintage handbags

They say that every past time was better, but in Ameli Urban Style we have preferred to offer a new generation of bags in different styles but with retro inspiration, classic, bohemian … but very current. We reinvent ourselves!

We love bags, and everything they entail, so we could not fail to rescue formats and classic styles such as the bombonera, the letter carrier style, mini, clutch, shopper, hobo or shoulder bag with different types of handle and ways to carry it. Also backpacks! Undoubtedly, essentials that you should always have in your closet.

Printed, die-cut and canvas bags

We rely on the best trends and give it an identity of its own. Our signature is evident, floral prints, borders, colors and ethnic designs give us away. The more serious tones and more formal styles are also one of our strongest bets. The natural and warm tones and neutrals in leatherette will also be one of the aspects that define our bags, both for women and men.

If you also want a plus in quality, you can also choose your ideal bag in natural leather, specifically in cowhide, a finish that will give you a more sophisticated and quality touch, choose from any of our models in genuine leather!

Women’s handbag for every occasion

There is nothing like having a bag for every occasion, every event, every celebration, for the day to day … we always need a bag where to place all our personal items. That’s why, with Ameli’s collection of women’s handbags it is very easy to combine each of our outfits with this perfect complement.

Depending on the moment, we must choose one type of bag or another. For example, for routine, shoulder bags are very practical and comfortable. When carrying them, it is enough to place the strap on our shoulder or wear them crossed. While, for more formal occasions, small bags without straps are very elegant.

In addition, for the good weather seasons, raffia bags are perfect. Our wide collection is ideal for matching clothes and accessories, choose your Ameli bag according to your needs!

There are all kinds!

As we said, there are bags for every occasion. In our online catalog you will find them in all colors and sizes. This way you will find the perfect bag, just the one you are looking for.

No matter what you want it for or the outfit you are going to combine it with, because in Ameli Urban Style you will find it. We have all styles to suit all tastes. Some with metal buckle, others with zipper, others with magnet…

And as for colors, you will find a lot of variety. From models in basic colors like black or brown to more colorful ones, with trendy prints or plain fashionable colors.

And both large and small bags, so you can put everything you need inside. For those days when you only need to keep your cell phone and keys, to bags where you can store a spare set of clothes.

Details that make the difference

All our creations are based on our love for details, that’s why our finishes are of quality and make our bags a complement with so much charm. We want our bags and other accessories to be a quality product, with an unbeatable price. And not only that, we want you to take home an accessory that even we ourselves would like to carry. Therein lies our difference!

Quality and quantity

We are in love with a job well done! That’s why all our bags are made with the best and softest fabrics, taking the utmost care in their sartorial execution so that the seams, closures and zippers are resistant to the passage of time.

When you buy a Ameli Urban Style accessory you are betting on a durable product, inspired by trends and that, in addition, resists your day to day life impeccably.

Combine them with other accessories!

We love to match everything, that’s why our bags can be matched with many more Ameli’s accessories. Toiletry bags, travel cases and travel bags are just some of the examples you can choose from to make your set complete – you won’t be able to resist! In addition, any of our bags is ideal as a gift for its functionality and aesthetics.

We also complement our main accessories with items such as purse organizers, purses, wallets and card holders that you can see throughout our collection, without forgetting, of course, that we also have men’s bags and a host of other accessories for them.

Haven’t you chosen your Ameli bag yet? You can receive it in a few days at home by placing an order from our online store or from any of our stores, you will not be able to avoid repeating!

If you like our selection of bags, don’t hesitate to take a look at our other accessories and complements, our computer cases or the men’s fashion we have available online.

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