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Bracelets for men are that accessory that updates the male image in a natural and youthful way. A chic touch is never too much to modernize. Stainless steel and leather are the star materials of this collection. Blacks, browns and silvers are the main colors you can count on when choosing your favorite models, but you also have other possibilities, such as golds, oranges, blues and reds in other materials such as cotton fabrics and synthetic fabrics. The ultimate style is up to you, along with your personality and your own personal taste. If you are looking for a rebellious look, black leather men’s bracelets with studs are the ideal choice. Try combining them with your favorite jeans in worn blue and a basic T-shirt in white, like the ones we propose here. Together with some black sneakers you will have the perfect urban outfit for a simple and discreet man.

Bracelets for men: a plus for men’s fashion

Choose men’s bracelets in steel if you are looking for something more forceful for your outfit. A bracelet with fine links in silver color is a very recurrent option to combine with a casual look. Wear a bracelet in this style with a short-sleeved shirt and a fabric roll-up. Together with some sneakers you will have the youthful look you were looking for. For a more eye-catching outfit, multicolored bracelets are best. Blues, whites, reds and greens look great with a hippie-style tie-dye t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans. If you want to give seriousness to your look, Ameli Urban Style bets on bracelets with wooden or stone beads mixed with leather. Two different shades of brown can be the perfect combination to wear with chinos and a chocolate-colored shirt.

The perfect blend of masculinity and design

Bracelets for men can be made of leather, silver, stainless steel, surgical steel or other different metals and synthetic fibers. Polychloride and rubber imitations are some of these variations. Putting a bracelet on your wrist is much simpler than it looks. Color matching may be the only problem you run into along the way. But it’s an easy problem to solve. One of the most popular choices for men around the world is black leather combined with silver or silver-plated steel. This mix is perfect for its simplicity and great effectiveness at the same time. Try wearing a short black T-shirt and light blue jeans. Together with a pair of cowboy boots and a leather belt the outfit will be finished. If you’re looking for something different, try classic men’s steel bracelets in silver. Some links or a rigid piece to your size will be the best options to combine with all types of clothing.

The modern man wears his own accessories

Men’s bracelets are a way to show off your deep-rooted personality. While many men don’t usually wear anything on their wrists, the one who chooses to do so stands out above the average. Find your personal style or try until you find it. If you’re into denim fashion, black interlocking leather men’s bracelets are the way to go. Paired with skinny jeans in blue denim and a casual white shirt, you’ll have the perfect bracelet to wear all week long. For a more casual and youthful look, choose red leather and silver metal. Wear a pair of canvas pants in the same shade of red as the bracelet and a blue and white print tee. Paired with sporty high sneakers and a dress vest you’ll have an inimitable London look. Braided leather in different shades of brown may be the best choice for a more classic look. Perfect for pairing with beige chinos, mahogany brown boat shoes and a linen shirt.

Find everything a man could need in your favorite online fashion store.

In addition to men’s bracelets, at Ameli Urban Style you can find your perfect accessories to match your favorite bracelet. Backpacks, hats and caps and even sunglasses that will go perfectly with your most genuine style. Clothing is the fundamental part of a man’s personality. All the men’s clothing, with all the styles and formats you can imagine, you will also find them in our amazing collections for men. Don’t forget that golds go well with dark skins, while blacks and silvers go better with light skins. A good way to start deciding which of all the men’s bracelets is right for you.

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