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Genuine leather shoes for women

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What are shoes?

The definition of a shoe is that it is a footwear whose height does not exceed the ankle, and that in its lower part has a sole made of leather or other materials, and the rest of the footwear is made of leather, felt, fabric or other fabrics. In other words, shoes are an article of clothing that people use to protect their feet while walking or performing other tasks, but in addition to that, they are currently used as decorative elements. In ancient times, shoes were made of leather, wood or fabric, but over the years, they changed these materials for rubber and plastic.

At Ameli Urban Style you will find shoes of different types and styles, all made with the best quality by experienced craftsmen in the art of shoemaking. Made in genuine leather and with different colors and sizes.

Men's shoes at Ameli Urban Style

Nothing sets your style apart like a pair of classic leather shoes. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of men’s shoes, you’re in the right place. Ameli Urban Style offers you the best selection of men’s leather shoes. Whether you need a new pair for work or to go to a wedding or social event, or you’re looking for a pair that will work for any occasion and can be worn with any outfit, we’ve got you covered. Look your best and stand out from the crowd with your new pair of leather shoes. Nothing will stand in your way when you have the perfect pair of shoes for that special occasion.

In Men’s Shoes you will find the classic oxford shoes, with its different styles going through the oxford shoes with toe cap, oxford shoes with wing tip, full cut oxford shoes and the plain toe oxford shoes. You will also find the Derby shoes in different variations, the Brogue shoes, the monk strap shoes, the loafer shoes, the chukka boot, the bucks, the boat shoes, the chelsea boots and many other designs and types.

Women's Shoes at Ameli Urban Style

For a woman to have several pairs of shoes will never be enough. To make her life more enjoyable, she must have some of the best designs in women’s shoes in her closet.

Catering to this need, we offer you a range of the latest generation of women’s leather shoes. Whether you are looking for classic loafers, comfortable flats or high heels, Ameli Urban Style can meet every lady’s fashion needs. If you’re looking for the latest styles, we have a pair of shoes to fit every pocket.

As the season changes, your closet (including shoes) changes too. In spring and summer, shop our collection of women’s sandals, flip-flops, boat shoes, rain boots and fashionable sneakers. In fall and winter, we offer all types of women’s boots, from snow boots to booties and cowboy boots.

We also provide extended sizes and widths for a perfect fit. Whether you are shopping for wide or narrow shoes, Ameli Urban Style can meet your sizing needs.

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