How we apply discounts at Ameli Urban Style

Automatic discounts on Ameli

How to apply discounts in Ameli Urban Style:  If you are here, it is because you called your attention to our fabulous banner promoting some luxury discounts, you want to buy a garment, and you do not know what will happen or you have your doubts.

Don’t worry, now I will explain you how it works:


Applying the discounts

To apply the discounts, as shown in the image, simply add products to your shopping cart.

Add products to cart

The discounts are applied according to the quantity of products you add to the shopping cart.

No need for coupons

How cool, right?

Just by choosing more than one product you are already applying for a discount.

Discounts will be reflected in the shopping cart when you go to checkout.

Not clear yet?

No problem, here are some images that will help you to better understand the process.

  1. In the image below, marked with a green arrow, the process begins when you add a product to your shopping cart.
Add products to cart

2. In the next image you can see in the quantity we have added “2” products and then click on “Add to cart”.

Note: It doesn’t have to be the same product to apply for the discount, it can be two different products.

Add 2 products to cart


Before we continue, we repeat the previous process:

  • We choose the items we liked the most. Remember that there must be at least 2 to apply the discounts.
  • Add the products to the “Shopping Cart”.

Now, Let’s finish the purchase.

Finalize the purchase

We access to our cart and we are going to make the payment.


As you can see in the following image, the discount corresponding to the number of items selected was applied in the details of the “Your Order”.

5 discount

Then, it only remains to make the payment, this you are going to do it in two possible ways, always through one of the most secure and recognized payment platforms in the market, I am talking about Paypal.

  • Accessing your Paypal account.
  • By credit card from our website, also thanks to the courtesy of Paypal.

Choose which is the most convenient way for you.

Once the payment is done, you will receive a notification of “Payment Made” and we will receive at the same time a notification of “Payment Received”.

From that moment, the process of preparation and shipment of your order begins.

It is our commitment to keep you informed through the email address you provided us and the Shipping Tracking page of the status of your purchase.

Remember, this is how discounts are applied to the purchase of your products in AMELI URBAN STYLE

Buy 2 get 5% off

Choose 2 products, it doesn’t matter if they are not the same, you already have a 5% discount.

Buy between 3 to 5 get 10% off

Add between 3 and 5 products and apply for a 10% discount.

Buy more than 5 and get 20% off

If you chose 6 products or more, then you are a winner, you get 20% discount on the entire purchase.

If you still have any doubt, write us and we will explain it to you.

Discounts apply to any country we ship to, plus, if your purchase is over 100 dollars, shipping is TOTALLY FREE.


So, have you made up your mind?
Buy now, discounts are waiting for you.

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