Water Resistant Shoulder Bag


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Water Resistant Shoulder Bag

This water resistant shoulder bag from BANGE is what you were looking for to use every day
You’ll be able to move around on your bike, motorcycle, on foot, or by any means of transport as if you didn’t have it with you.

Designed to be drop-proof / anti-theft / scratch-resistant / and USB-charged.

With graceful curves and 5 scratch-proof levels, it’s everything you need.
The surface is 80% scratch-proof, you won’t be able to cut it
or rubbing on your travels.
It has well-designed compartments so you can organize different things and they fit well.
The USB 3.0 quick charging system will easily maintain your battery life.

TSA anti-theft lock

The lock code will allow you to keep your bag and belongings safe at customs controls.
This water resistant shoulder bag is manufactured with high density material that is fall-proof, water-repellent, which will keep safe what you carry inside your backpack.
The zippers on this backpack are designed and tested for a lifetime of 2 million openings, so forget about that problem.

Comfortable handle with ergonomic design

Curved and elegant, pleasant to the touch, everything you need to carry it in your hand comfortably.
The material with which this beautiful backpack is made has been designed in the form of a honeycomb, is heat resistant and breathable, anti-sweat and air permeable.
You can choose from 5 different colors. Black / Grey / Camouflage / Blue / Red.
It has the right size, 18x10x34 cm and the right weight so you don’t get tired. Only 0.46 kg.

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