new BANGE anti-theft backpack blacknew BANGE anti-theft backpack black

New BANGE Anti-Theft Backpack


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New BANGE Anti-Theft Backpack

The new BANGE anti-theft backpack, is designed to avoid the thefts that many times happen without realizing it.
With a simple design inherited from sports cars, it is a very easy to carry backpack, as if it were not loaded.
You can easily carry a 15.6 inch laptop. The new BANGE anti-theft backpack is a multifunctional, waterproof backpack, excellent for business men who have to travel continuously and move around a lot.
Available in 4 different colors, black, grey, blue and camouflage.
Designed with scratch and cut resistant material, it is the ideal backpack to travel and carry everywhere.
It is water resistant and antifouling, stays clean and dry at all times

It has a comfortable handle, made of soft material and pleasant to the touch.

It has hidden pockets to carry the water bottle, the umbrella and even has a well hidden pocket for the cards, so that you always have them at hand.

This backpack measures: 18.5 x 11.8 x 6.30 inches / 47 x 30 x 16cm

BANGE’s new anti-theft backpack is the backpack you need.

Order yours right now.

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