5 Mistakes when wearing bracelets and bangles, here’s what to avoid.

Many men are lovers of bracelets and bangles so we decided to make a brief guide of the mistakes to avoid using these accessories.

For a long time, in western culture, bracelets were not a common accessory for men. In fact, in the past the only male accessories we could see were watches and some rings. Bracelets were the first step in making them popular and transferring their universal use, regardless of gender.

Now, many men have become lovers of bracelets and bangles, and the pieces have already become key in men’s outfits serving to give a little more personality to the looks, as well as offering other ways to show off other types of materials.

However, when wearing them, many can make mistakes like wearing too many, or choosing the wrong size, which can completely ruin a look, so we decided to make a short list of these mistakes and the recommendations we have to find the best way to integrate them into an outfit.

The 5 mistakes when wearing bracelets and bangles.

Do not combine

If you are a lover of beaded bracelets, or any type of accessory of this type, focus on the colors and match the outfit. Generally the rule is that the color of the bracelet should match the color of the belt or shoes, but there are several ways to take advantage of the colors. One recommendation we can make is to use these accessories in colors such as blue and brown in different shades, since they are the ones that most often combine with the common garments of the male closet.

Likewise, if you wear bracelets and watch, even if it is in different arms, make sure they match the color. Blue and brown are easy to match if you have straps of that color, plus they are an ideal match for stainless steel.

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The fit

Any accessory of this type must fit perfectly with the wrist, without being loose, since in that way it will be hanging in that part, resulting uncomfortable and breaking the space of other possible accessories such as the watch. Generally, there are different sizes to choose from. The beaded ones can be adjusted with the thread, but others could be more complicated.

The size

When we talk about beaded bracelets, the recommendation is to buy them in a small size, and avoid the large ones, as those are more appropriate for women’s outfits. In fact, it would be rare for you to find such a bracelet for men, while there are some of a larger size. We prefer to keep it simple as it doesn’t clash with the watch or with garments like jackets or coats that are so important for an outfit to look good.

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Using too many

The clich√© “less is more” applies here. Many men opt for the look that covers a lot of the arm with bracelets, and the truth is that it doesn’t always look good. It is advisable to keep it simple with a limit of up to 3 (in case you are all thin) which still can’t take too much away from the watch. In general one or two can be enough, but it depends on the taste of each person. On the other hand, the watch can go on the other hand without any problem.

Not thinking about the occasion

Not thinking about the occasion
If you’re a lover of this type of accessory, you probably want to wear them all the time, and indeed, they can be worn in almost any type of occasion (except for very formal attire). In serious settings you can keep it simple with one or two bracelets in a dark shade (or light, in the case of light-colored suits), while in a casual look you can let yourself go with your taste. The best for a formal look is a discreet bracelet. For bracelets remember to keep it a little more serious with formal looks.

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